2017 / Fleisher Ollman Gallery Alchemy, Typology, Entropy (mini solo). Philadelphia, PA     

2016 / Dickinson College. Wait for the Echo (solo). Carlisle, PA                                                                

2015 / Tiger Strikes Asteroid. All Echo (solo). Philadelphia, PA 

2013 / Giampietro Gallery. Ghost Stories (solo). New Haven, CT        

           Towson University. Traces of Remains (solo). Towson, MD

2012 / Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Lean To (solo). Philadelphia, PA

2011 / Lawndale Art Center. Ballast Break. Houston, TX
          Mt Airey Contemporary. Alexis Granwell and Rick Lewis. Philadelphia, PA

2010 / Bryan Miller Gallery. Wax and Wane (solo). Houston, TX

2009 / Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Broken, To Bring Forth (solo). Philadelphia, PA

2008 / Arlington Center for the Arts. An Infinite Distance (solo). Arlington, VA

2007 / Jenny Jaskey Gallery. Navigating the Ecstasy (solo). Philadelphia, PA

2005 / Europos Parkas Museum. Blueprint for Love (solo). Vilnius, Lithuania



2018 / Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Individual Gravities: Alexis Granwell, Elana Herzog, Trish Tillman Curator Alex Ebstein. Philadelphia, PA

2017 / PrattMWP. Excavation, Illusion + Artifact: Alexis Granwell, Lauren Pakradooni and Rob                           
           Swainston Curator Serena Perrone. Utica, NY                                                                                                                                            
           Ortega y Gasset, Code Switch, New York, NY                                                                                                              
           West Chester University. Abberant Methods Curator Lindsay Deifik. West Chester, PA

2016 / Field Projects. Risky Behavior. New York, NY
           Trestle Contemporary Art Gallery. +1. New York, NY
           Moore College of Art and Design. Altered States. Philadelphia, PA  
           Savery Gallery. Side by Side. Philadelphia, PA
           SOIL Art. Gallery Lost in Transit. Seattle, WA

2015 / Savery Gallery. Pressure Points. Philadelphia, PA
           Guest Spot at The Reinstitute. Self Organized-Artist Run. Baltimore, MD
           Select Art Fair. Do it/Make It/ Yourself. New York, NY
           Elephant. Materialist. Curators Megan Mueller and Sam Scharf. Los Angeles, CA
           500X. Gallery Family Ties. Curators Bonny Leibowitz and Julie Torres. Dallas, TX
           Momenta. Art New Work. City Curator Julie Torres. New York, NY
           Tyler School of Art. Mutable Matrix. Curator Amze Emmons. Philadelphia, PA
           Moravian College. Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Curator Todd Baldwin. Bethlehem, PA

2014 / 2 Rivington St. LES SECOND FAMILY.  Curator Julie Torres. New York, NY  
           The Print Center. Pressed and Bound. Philadelphia, PA
           Pentimenti Gallery. Complementary Colors. Philadelphia, PA
           (e)merge Art Fair. Washington DC
           Artspace Liberti. Drawing Now. Philadelphia, PA                
           Hemphill Fine Arts. Paper Paradox. Curator Helen Frederick. Washington DC

2013 / Fjord Chorus Effect. Curator Tabitha Piseno. Philadelphia, PA
           Moore College of Art and Design. Liminal Sites. Philadelphia, PA
           TSA New York. Correspondence II. Brooklyn, NY

2012 / International Print Center. New Prints Program. Curator Claire Gillman. New York, NY
           Bryan Miller Gallery. Slow Release. Houston, TX
           Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. Under Construction. Wilmington, DE
           Shoshana Wayne Gallery. Chain Letter. Los Angeles, CA

2011 / The Print Studio. Heaps and Hives. Curator Anne Cibola. Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

2010 / Bryan Miller Gallery. Nothing to see here. Move along. Houston, TX
           BMW Headquarters. International Group Exhibition. Curator Steve Zhao. Beijing, China
           Williams Tower Gallery. 20: On Paper. Curator Sally Sprout. Houston, TX

2009 / Pentimenti Gallery. Think Global, Go Local. Philadelphia, PA
           AHN/VHS. On Place. Curator Lauren van Haaften-Schick. Philadelphia, PA
           Delaware Center for Contemporary. Art. Crossing Lines. Wilmington, DE

2008 / University of Richmond Museum. 2008 Biennial of American Prints. Richmond, VA
           Delaware Center for Contemporary Art.  Interrogating Beauty. Wilmington, DE
2007 / Jenny Jaskey Gallery. Naked Papers. Philadelphia, PA
            A.I.R. Gallery. 7th Biennial Exhibition. Curator Cornelia Butler. New York City, NY
            Woodmere Art Museum. Annual Juried Show. Curator Polly Apfelbaum. Philadelphia, PA


2015 / The Independence Foundation $10,000 Arts Fellowship Grant. Philadelphia, PA                     
2014 / I-Park Foundation Artist-in-Residence Fellowship. East Haddam, CT
           Printmakers Open Forum Rose Scholarship. Oxford, PA

2013 / AS220 Artist-in-Residence. Providence, RI

2009 / Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. Keyholder’s Residency Fellowship. Silver Spring, MD

2008 / Ragdale Artist Residency Program. Friends Fellowship. Lake Forest, IL

2007 / University of Pennsylvania Joan Mitchell Nominee. Philadelphia, PA
           The Jentel Artist Residency. Program Residency Fellowship. Banner, WY
           Woodmere Art Museum. Maurice Freed Memorial Prize. Philadelphia. PA

2006 / University of Pennsylvania. Neil Welliver Award. Philadelphia, PA

2005 / Europos Parkas Artist Residency Program. Vilnius, Lithuania



The Pennsylvania Convention Center. Philadelphia, PA
The Drawing Center. Online Viewing Program. New York, NY
Boston University. Boston, MA
Limerick School of Art and Design. Limerick, Ireland
University of Colorado. Special Collections. Boulder, CO
Museum of Texas Tech University. artist Printmaker Research Collection. Lubbock, TX  
Gippsland Centre for Art and Design. Monash University. Gippsland, Australia  
McNeese University. Lake Charles, LA
Lewis, Rice, Fingersh, Corporate Collection. St. Louis, MO



2014 / Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Gary Petersen: zip line tow rope. Philadelphia, PA

2013 / Philadelphia Museum of Art. Tiger Strikes Museum: A Curatorial Intervention. Philadelphia, PA          

2012 / Ross McElwee Series. University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, PA
          Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Force Fields. Philadelphia, PA

2009 / Tiger Strikes Asteroid. Unveil. Philadelphia, PA



2015 / Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Philadelphia,PA

2014 / Artspace Liberti. Drawing Now. moderated by Shelley Langdale. Philadelphia,PA
           Hemphill Fine Arts. Washington DC

2013 / Giampietro Gallery. New Haven, CT
           Towson University. Towson, MD
           AS220. Providence, RI

2012 / International Print Center New York. New York, NY

2009 / Pyramid Atlantic. Silver Spring, MD
           Tyler School of Art. Philadelphia, PA
           Delaware Center for Contemporary Art. Wilmington, DE



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2007 / University of Pennsylvania, Penn Design, MFA Fine Arts. Philadelphia, PA

2003 / Boston University, College of Fine Arts, BFA Painting (Magna Cum Laude). Boston, MA

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