Ulises and Daniel Tucker collect and share this publication of responses to the question Why Philly? Responses add layered, multivocal dimension that underscores the many Philadelphians—experienced, understood, and navigated differently depending on subjectivity, geography, and many other factors in this deeply fractured and old city. This publication was developed with the Common Field convening in mind, with hopes that there can be a dialogue between longtime Philadelphians, new locals and visitors to the city alike.

Texts for Why Philly? were authored by Denise Brown, Rob Blackson, Vashti DuBois, Michael Clemmons & Ian Friday, Anthony Elms, Alexis Granwell, Amy Hicks, Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela, Rana Fayez, Farrah Rahaman, Theresa Rose, Meredith Sellers, Li Sumpter, Nato Thompson, Ulises, and Carol Zou.